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DSC_0695.JPG.jpgFeijao (Dry bean) - Antracnose (Anthracnose) - 1Feijao (Dry bean)Antracnose (Anthracnose)Jr.; Murillo Lobo
DSC_0272.JPG.jpgFeijao (Dry bean) - Cowpea Mild Mottle Virus (Cowpea Mild Mottle Virus) - 1Feijao (Dry bean)Cowpea Mild Mottle Virus (Cowpea Mild Mottle Virus)Jr.; Murillo Lobo
DSC_0639.JPG.jpgFeijao (Dry bean) - Crestamento Bacteriano (Common bacterial blight) - 1Feijao (Dry bean)Crestamento Bacteriano (Common bacterial blight)Jr.; Murillo Lobo
DSC_0146.JPG.jpgFeijao (Dry bean) - Fitotoxidez (Phytotoxicity) - 1Feijao (Dry bean)Fitotoxidez (Phytotoxicity)Jr.; Murillo Lobo
DSC_0086.JPG.jpgFeijao (Dry bean) - Lagarta Enroladeira (Hedylepta indicata) - 1Feijao (Dry bean)Lagarta Enroladeira (Hedylepta indicata)Jr.; Murillo Lobo
DSC_0408.JPG.jpgFeijao (Dry bean) - Mancha Alvo (Target leaf spot) - 1Feijao (Dry bean)Mancha Alvo (Target leaf spot)Jr.; Murillo Lobo
DSC_0117.JPG.jpgFeijao (Dry bean) - Mela (Web blight) - 1Feijao (Dry bean)Mela (Web blight)Jr.; Murillo Lobo
DSC_0689.JPG.jpgFeijao (Dry bean) - Oidio (Powdery mildew) - 1Feijao (Dry bean)Oidio (Powdery mildew)Jr.; Murillo Lobo
DSC_0293.JPG.jpgFeijao (Dry bean) - Virus Mosaico Dourado (Bean golden mosaic) - 1Feijao (Dry bean)Virus Mosaico Dourado (Bean golden mosaic)Jr.; Murillo Lobo