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acar029.jpg.jpgMandioca (Cassava) - Acaro (Green mite) - CroppedMandioca (Cassava)Acaro (Green mite)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
bact175.jpg.jpgMandioca (Cassava) - Bacteriose (Bacterial blight) - CroppedMandioca (Cassava)Bacteriose (Bacterial blight)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
mbra016.jpg.jpgMandioca (Cassava) - Mancha Branca (White leaf spot) - CroppedMandioca (Cassava)Mancha Branca (White leaf spot)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
mpar001.jpg.jpgMandioca (Cassava) - Mancha Parda (Brown leaf spot) - CroppedMandioca (Cassava)Mancha Parda (Brown leaf spot)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
mosc002.jpg.jpgMandioca (Cassava) - Mosca Galhas (Leaf galls) - CroppedMandioca (Cassava)Mosca Galhas (Leaf galls)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
oidi004.jpg.jpgMandioca (Cassava) - Oidio (Powdery mildew) - CroppedMandioca (Cassava)Oidio (Powdery mildew)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
quei003.jpg.jpgMandioca (Cassava) - Queima Folhas (Blight leaf spot) - CroppedMandioca (Cassava)Queima Folhas (Blight leaf spot)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
antr002.jpg.jpgMaracuja (Passion Fruit) - Antracnose (Anthracnose) - CroppedMaracuja (Passion Fruit)Antracnose (Anthracnose)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
cerc095.jpg.jpgMaracuja (Passion Fruit) - Cercosporiose (Cercospora leaf spot) - CroppedMaracuja (Passion Fruit)Cercosporiose (Cercospora leaf spot)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
clad001.jpg.jpgMaracuja (Passion Fruit) - Cladosporiose (Scab) - CroppedMaracuja (Passion Fruit)Cladosporiose (Scab)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
mbac155.jpg.jpgMaracuja (Passion Fruit) - Mancha Bacteriana (Bacterial spot) - CroppedMaracuja (Passion Fruit)Mancha Bacteriana (Bacterial spot)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
sept001.jpg.jpgMaracuja (Passion Fruit) - Septoriose (Septoria spot) - CroppedMaracuja (Passion Fruit)Septoriose (Septoria spot)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
oidi077.jpg.jpgMeloeiro (Melon) - Oidio (Powdery mildew) - CroppedMeloeiro (Melon)Oidio (Powdery mildew)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
antr013.jpg.jpgMilho (Corn) - Antracnose (Anthracnose) - CroppedMilho (Corn)Antracnose (Anthracnose)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
fbra178.jpg.jpgMilho (Corn) - Ferrugem_Branca (Tropical rust) - CroppedMilho (Corn)Ferrugem_Branca (Tropical rust)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
fpon334.jpg.jpgMilho (Corn) - Ferrugem_Polissora (Southern corn rust) - CroppedMilho (Corn)Ferrugem_Polissora (Southern corn rust)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
mbip787.jpg.jpgMilho (Corn) - Mancha_Bipolaris (Southern corn leaf blight) - CroppedMilho (Corn)Mancha_Bipolaris (Southern corn leaf blight)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
mbra584.jpg.jpgMilho (Corn) - Mancha_Branca (Phaeosphaeria Leaf Spot) - CroppedMilho (Corn)Mancha_Branca (Phaeosphaeria Leaf Spot)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
mdip008.jpg.jpgMilho (Corn) - Mancha_Diplodia (Diplodia leaf streak) - CroppedMilho (Corn)Mancha_Diplodia (Diplodia leaf streak)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
mphy937.jpg.jpgMilho (Corn) - Mancha_Physoderma (Physoderma brown spot) - CroppedMilho (Corn)Mancha_Physoderma (Physoderma brown spot)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal