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DSC_0077.jpg.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Crestamento Bacteriano (Bacterial blight) - 1Soja (Soybean)Crestamento Bacteriano (Bacterial blight)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira
DSC_0150.jpg.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Desconhecido (Unknown) - 1Soja (Soybean)Desconhecido (Unknown)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira
DSC07685.JPG.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Falso Carvao (Charcoal Rot) - 1Soja (Soybean)Falso Carvao (Charcoal Rot)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira
DSC_0024.jpg.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Ferrugem (Rust) - 1Soja (Soybean)Ferrugem (Rust)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira
DSC_0047.jpg.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Ferrugem-Mancha Alvo (Rust and target spot) - 1Soja (Soybean)Ferrugem-Mancha Alvo (Rust and target spot)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira
DSC_0005.jpg.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Fito de cobre (Copper Phytotoxicity) - 1Soja (Soybean)Fito de cobre (Copper Phytotoxicity)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira
DSC_0141.jpg.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Folha Carijo (Soybean Mosaic Virus) - 1Soja (Soybean)Folha Carijo (Soybean Mosaic Virus)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira
DSC_0150.jpg.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Mancha Alvo (Southern blight) - 1Soja (Soybean)Mancha Alvo (Southern blight)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira
DSC_0024.jpg.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Mildio (Downy mildew) - 1Soja (Soybean)Mildio (Downy mildew)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira
DSC_0219.jpg.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Oidio (Powdery mildew) - 1Soja (Soybean)Oidio (Powdery mildew)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira
OidioFerrugemCVGa.JPG.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Oidio-Ferrugem (Powdery mildew and Rust) - 1Soja (Soybean)Oidio-Ferrugem (Powdery mildew and Rust)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira
DSC05352.JPG.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Podridao Phytophora (Phytophora rot) - 1Soja (Soybean)Podridao Phytophora (Phytophora rot)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira
DSC_0192.jpg.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Saudavel (Healthy) - 1Soja (Soybean)Saudavel (Healthy)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira
DSC_0081.jpg.jpgSoja (Soybean) - Septoria (Brown Spot) - 1Soja (Soybean)Septoria (Brown Spot)Godoy; Cláudia Vieira