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DSC_0046.jpg.jpgCana (Sugarcane) - Ferrugem (Rust) - 1Cana (Sugarcane)Ferrugem (Rust)Nechet; Kátia de Lima
DSC_0005 (2).jpg.jpgCana (Sugarcane) - Mancha Anelar (Ring Spot) - 1Cana (Sugarcane)Mancha Anelar (Ring Spot)Nechet; Kátia de Lima
DSC_0060.jpg.jpgCana (Sugarcane) - Mancha Anelar e Mosca Branca (Ring Spot and White Fly) - 1Cana (Sugarcane)Mancha Anelar e Mosca Branca (Ring Spot and White Fly)Nechet; Kátia de Lima
DSC_0024.jpg.jpgCana (Sugarcane) - Podridao Vermelha (Red Stripe) - 1Cana (Sugarcane)Podridao Vermelha (Red Stripe)Nechet; Kátia de Lima
DSC_0003.jpg.jpgCana (Sugarcane) - Saudavel (Healthy) - 1Cana (Sugarcane)Saudavel (Healthy)Nechet; Kátia de Lima
2.jpg.jpgFeijao (Dry bean) - Saudavel (Healthy) - 1Feijao (Dry bean)Saudavel (Healthy)Nechet; Kátia de Lima