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20140722_115454.jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Acaro Mancha Longitudinal (Steneotarsonemus furcatus) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Acaro Mancha Longitudinal (Steneotarsonemus furcatus)Talamini; Viviane
DSC_0642.jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Acaro Necrose (Aceria guerreronis) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Acaro Necrose (Aceria guerreronis)Talamini; Viviane
DSC_0028.jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Ataque Lagarta (Caterpillar damage) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Ataque Lagarta (Caterpillar damage)Talamini; Viviane
20140722_115902.jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Cochonilha (Coconut scale) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Cochonilha (Coconut scale)Talamini; Viviane
DSC08024 (2).jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Fitotoxidez (Phytotoxicity) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Fitotoxidez (Phytotoxicity)Talamini; Viviane
DSC08022 (2).jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Fumagina (Sooty mold) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Fumagina (Sooty mold)Talamini; Viviane
DSC_0052.jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Helmintosporiose (Dreschslera incurvata) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Helmintosporiose (Dreschslera incurvata)Talamini; Viviane
DSC_0564.jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Lixa Grande (Lixa Grande) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Lixa Grande (Lixa Grande)Talamini; Viviane
20151016_110246 (2).jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Lixa grande e pequena (Lixa grande and lixa pequena) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Lixa grande e pequena (Lixa grande and lixa pequena)Talamini; Viviane
DSC_0548.jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Lixa Pequena (Lixa pequena) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Lixa Pequena (Lixa pequena)Talamini; Viviane
DSC01688 (2).jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Lixa pequena e queima (Lixa pequena and coconut leaf blight) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Lixa pequena e queima (Lixa pequena and coconut leaf blight)Talamini; Viviane
Mancha de Cylindrocladium (5).JPG.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Mancha Cylindrocladium (Cylindrocladium leaf spot) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Mancha Cylindrocladium (Cylindrocladium leaf spot)Talamini; Viviane
20140722_163448.jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Mosca Branca (Whitefly) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Mosca Branca (Whitefly)Talamini; Viviane
Podridão de Lasiodiplodia (1).jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Podridao Lasiodiplodia (Coconut rot) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Podridao Lasiodiplodia (Coconut rot)Talamini; Viviane
DSC01612 (2).jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Queda Prematura do Fruto (Premature Fruit Drop) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Queda Prematura do Fruto (Premature Fruit Drop)Talamini; Viviane
DSC_0024.jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Queima Folhas (Coconut leaf blight) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Queima Folhas (Coconut leaf blight)Talamini; Viviane
DSC_0680.jpg.jpgCoqueiro (Coconut Tree) - Resinose (Stem bleeding) - 1Coqueiro (Coconut Tree)Resinose (Stem bleeding)Talamini; Viviane