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DSC_0225.JPG.jpgMilho (Corn) - Mancha_Diplodia (Diplodia leaf streak) - 1Milho (Corn)Mancha_Diplodia (Diplodia leaf streak)Costa; Rodrigo Veras da
DSC_0047.jpg.jpgMilho (Corn) - Antracnose (Anthracnose) - 1Milho (Corn)Antracnose (Anthracnose)Costa; Rodrigo Veras da
DSC_0367.JPG.jpgMilho (Corn) - Mancha_Turcicum (Northern Leaf Blight) - 1Milho (Corn)Mancha_Turcicum (Northern Leaf Blight)Costa; Rodrigo Veras da
DSC_0373.JPG.jpgMilho (Corn) - Ferrugem_Branca (Tropical rust) - 1Milho (Corn)Ferrugem_Branca (Tropical rust)Costa; Rodrigo Veras da
DSC_0146.JPG.jpgMilho (Corn) - Mancha_Bipolaris (Southern corn leaf blight) - 1Milho (Corn)Mancha_Bipolaris (Southern corn leaf blight)Costa; Rodrigo Veras da
DSC_0238.JPG.jpgMilho (Corn) - Mancha_Physoderma (Physoderma brown spot) - 1Milho (Corn)Mancha_Physoderma (Physoderma brown spot)Costa; Rodrigo Veras da
fbra178.jpg.jpgMilho (Corn) - Ferrugem_Branca (Tropical rust) - CroppedMilho (Corn)Ferrugem_Branca (Tropical rust)Barbedo; Jayme Garcia Arnal
DSC_0336.JPG.jpgMilho (Corn) - Mancha_Branca (Phaeosphaeria Leaf Spot) - 1Milho (Corn)Mancha_Branca (Phaeosphaeria Leaf Spot)Costa; Rodrigo Veras da
DSC_0005.jpg.jpgMilho (Corn) - Ferrugem_Polissora (Southern corn rust) - 1Milho (Corn)Ferrugem_Polissora (Southern corn rust)Costa; Rodrigo Veras da
DSC_0429.JPG.jpgMilho (Corn) - Enfezamento (Bushy stunt) - 1Milho (Corn)Enfezamento (Bushy stunt)Costa; Rodrigo Veras da